Hard Tents

Options for you and your site

Cosy, romantic tent-ness (without high-maintenance fabric).
Low, lean yet magically engaging with the Great Outdoors.
Myriad screening systems to fit with region, site and operational needs.
And it even comes with a courtyard ensuite, beautifully detailed down to the handmade toilet-paper holder.
Integrated, sweet-as tent-matching fitments throughout, including timber door hardware.

All trop_pods can be autonomous – with green servicing options shaped to suit your operational needs.

With over 3 decades of invention and architectural and fabrication experience, our structures are designed to maximise the quality of space, connection with environment, and nifty fit-out solutions. …We take pride in
customising our designs to suit your site, very particular needs, and your budget. Illustrated here is just one/
some of the option(s) for this trop_pod type.

On contracting, our service to you includes an architectural assessment of your site and brief. 
Conditions apply.